Zinda Laash

Pakistan 1967

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Dracula au Pakistan / Dracula in Pakistan / The Living Corpse
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Directed by Khwaja Sarfraz

This is the first horror film made and released in Pakistan, and is loosely based on Bram Stoker's Dracula. A mad scientist/chemist discovers a secret elixer to grant him eternal life. Side effects include fangs and the need to drink blood.

a.k.a. Dracula au Pakistan / Dracula in Pakistan / The Living Corpse

Ala-Ud-In as Parvez
Asad Bukhari as Dr. Aqil Harker
Cham Cham
Latif Charlie
Deeba as Shabnam
Habib as Aqil's Brother
Baby Najmi
Nasreen as Vampire bride
Rehan as Professor Tabani / Dracula

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