Every Home Should Have One (TV)

UK 1970

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Think Dirty
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Directed by Jim Clark

Advertising executive Teddy Brown is given the job of coming up with a campaign to use sex to sell frozen porridge on tv. He is told that he must go home and do nothing else but 'think sex'. Unaware of this, his wife Liz has joined 'England Clean, England Strong', a morality campaign that wants to clean up England's airwaves of smut. When Liz decides it would be best not to continuing having sexual relations with Teddy in reflecting the virtues she is trying to promote, both the resulting frustration and his creative endeavours combine to send him off into a series of bizarre fantasies.

a.k.a. Think Dirty

Marty Feldman as Teddy Brown
Judy Cornwell as Liz Brown
Patrick Cargill as Wallace Trufitt
Jack Watson as McLaughlin
Patience Collier as Mrs. Monty Levin
Penelope Keith as Lotte von Gelbstein
Dinsdale Landen as Vicar Geoffrey Mellish
Annabel Leventon as Chandler's secretary
John McKelvey as Colonel Belper
Moray Watson as Chandler
Sarah Badel as Joanna Snow
Michael Bates as Magistrate
Erika Bergmann
Shelley Berman as Nat Kaplan
Veronica Clifford as Hot Dog Girl
Roland Curram as Arthur/Mario
Ellis Dale as Leonard Crape
Dave Dee as Wednesday Play Star
Mischa De La Motte as Trufitt's Manservant
Frances de la Tour as Maud Crape
Julie Ege as Inga Giltenburg
Mark Elwes as Rokes
Robert Farrant as Porridge Eater #2
Ray Fell as Goldilocks Presenter
John Hamill as Porridge Eater #1
Hy Hazell as Mrs. Kaplan
Rose Hill as Shopping Woman #1
Vicki Hodge as Pippa
Winnie Holman as Shopping Woman #2
David Hutcheson as Stockbroker
Judy Huxtable as Dracula's Victim
Harold Innocent as Jimpson
Maggie Jones as Hetty Soames
Charles Lewsen as Arthur Soames
Garry Miller as Richard Brown
Diana Quiseekay as Elvira
Kenny Rodway as Porridge Eater #3
Bernard Sharpe as Shopping Man
John Wells as Tolworth

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