Guess What Happened to Count Dracula?

USA 1970

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Dracula's Lusterne Vampire / Dracula Vampire Sexuel
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Directed by Mario d'Alcala

For those who are willing to sit through an awful film to answer the title question, Dracula has become the ultra-hip owner of a prominent Hollywood discotheque, Dracula's Castle, where he hosts wild, drug-filled parties. The story centers on a young actor who offers to give his lovely girl friend to the old blood-sucker in exchange for success and stardom. Many of the dance scenes were shot on location in the notorious Hollywood dance club, The Magic Castle. Though originally released with a PG rating, an R-rated version, featuring a more graphic orgy scene and homosexual activities is supposedly around

a.k.a. Dracula's Lusterne Vampire / Dracula Vampire Sexuel

Des Roberts as Count Adrian
Claudia Barron as Angelica
John Landon as Guy
Robert Branche as Dr. Harris
Frank Donato as Imp
Sharon Beverly
Yvonne Gaudry as Gypsy
Damu King as Hunch
Jim Settler as Runt
Sharon Bernardi as Vamp
Jeff Cady as Larry
Angela Carnon as Nurse
Beverly Gardner
Harry Hampton as Drunk
John King III as Gil
Denny Lester as Igor
Leslie McRae (as Les MacRae)
Nancy Simpson
Gene Stowell as Miklos
Sandra Striner
Clancy Sylvan
Andy Wilder
James Young-El as Macumba Initiate

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