Macabro Dr. Scivano, O

Brazil 1971

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Directed by Rosalvo Caçador

Insane doctor Scivane returns to his home town only to spread horror around. Mix of vampire movie/science fiction/macumba horror/psychiatric thriller in very low budget production

a.k.a. O Macabro Dr. Scivano

Raul Calhado as Dr. Edmundo Scivano (as Edmundo Scivano)
Luis Leme as José
Oswaldo De Souza as Chief of Police
Henricão as Macumbeiro
Genésio Aladim as Chico Ferreiro
Cristina Aubry
Denise Barreto
Ester Brasil as Victim
Edgar Calhado
Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias as Doctor
Amélia Cruz
Denoel Curio
Waldomiro de Deus
Carlos Farah
Sebastião Grandim as Onofre
Cléber Holanda as Police officer
Abílio Jorge
Elizabeth Jorge
Paulo Lago
Paulo S. Leite
Mércia Luana
Francisco Madrigano
Ivone Mandragone
Mário Márcio
João Pedro Martins
Irineu R. Morais
Francisco Parisati
Cecília Pedroso
Ana Rita
Abel Rodrigues
Luiz G. Santos
Lauro Sawaya as Psychologist Arnaldo
Maury Viveiros

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