Return of Count Yorga, The

USA 1971

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The Abominable Count Yorga
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Directed by Bob Kelljan

Count Yorga continues to prey on the local community while living by a nearby orphanage. He also intends to take a new wife, while feeding his bevy of female vampires

a.k.a. The Abominable Count Yorga

Robert Quarry as Count Yorga
Mariette Hartley as Cynthia Nelson
Roger Perry as Dr. David Baldwin
Yvonne Wilder as Jennifer Nelson
Tom Toner as Rev. Thomas, Westwood Orphanage
Rudy De Luca as Lieutenant Madden
Philip Frame as Tommy
George Macready as Professor Rightstat
Walter Brooke as Bill Nelson
Edward Walsh as Brudda, Yorga's Valet
Craig T. Nelson as Sgt. O'Connor (as Craig Nelson)
David Lampson as Jason, Ellen's Boyfriend
Karen Ericson as Ellen Nelson (as Karen Huston)
Helen Baron as Mrs. Liza Nelson
Jesse Wells as Mitzi Carthay

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