Evil Touch, The: The Fans (TV)

Australia 1972

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Directed by Mende Brown

In "The Fans," a famous horror actor attempts to improve on his poor public image by making a personal appearance at the home of two elderly sisters--his biggest fans. But it turns out that the sisters in fact abhor the depravity that the actor represents on screen, so they decide to put him on the path of true righteousness.

The Evil Touch was an Australian-produced television series, originally broadcast in Australia in 1972-73. It was an anthology series and each episode had a self-contained story and a new set of characters, although several guest stars appeared in more than one episode, playing different characters. Each story is a thriller or horror story of some variety, ranging from tales of the occult and the supernatural, science fiction horror stories, to more standard murder schemes and whodunits. Most stories feature a twist ending (26 episodes in total).


Vic Morrow
Alfred Sandor
Enid Lorimer
Queenie Ashton
Mike Dorsey
Kevin Howard 

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