Vampire Circus

UK 1972

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Le Cirque des Vampires / El Circo de los Vampiros
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Directed by Robert Young

A village in Nineteenth Century Europe is at first relieved when a circus breaks through the quarantine to take the local's minds off the plague. But their troubles are only beginning as children begin to disappear and the legacy of a long-ago massacre is brought to light. Widely considered one of the best Hammer Horror films

a.k.a. Le Cirque des Vampires / El Circo de los Vampiros

Adrienne Corri as Gypsy Woman
Thorley Walters as Burgermeister
Anthony Higgins as Emil (as Anthony Corlan)
John Moulder-Brown as Anton Kersh
Laurence Payne as Prof. Mueller
Richard Owens as Dr. Kersh
Lynne Frederick as Dora Mueller
Elizabeth Seal as Gerta Hauser
Robin Hunter as Hauser
Domini Blythe as Anna Mueller
Robert Tayman as Count Mitterhouse
John Bown as Schilt
Mary Wimbush as Elvira
Christina Paul as Rosa
Robin Sachs as Heinrich

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As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia
A million fancies strike you when you hear the name: Nosferatu!N O S F E R A T Udoes not die!What do you expect of the first showing of this great work?Aren't you afraid? - Men must die. But legend has it that a vampire, Nosferatu, 'der Untote' (the Undead), lives on men's blood! You want to see a symphony of horror? You may expect more. Be careful. Nosferatu is not just fun, not something to be taken lightly. Once more: beware.- Publicity for Nosferatu in the German magazine Buhne und Film, 1922  

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