Night Stalker, The (TV)

USA 1972

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The Night Stalker
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Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

Made-for-TV movie. Wisecracking reporter Carl Kolchak, investigating a string of gruesome murders in Las Vegas in which the victims are drained of blood, concludes that a vampire is on the loose. Since the mayor, the police chief and his own editor think he's off his rocker, it's up to Kolchak to stop the bloodsucker himself

a.k.a. The Night Stalker

Darren McGavin as Carl Kolchak
Carol Lynley as Gail Foster
Simon Oakland as Tony Vincenzo
Ralph Meeker as Bernie Jenks
Claude Akins as Sheriff Warren A. Butcher
Charles McGraw as Police Chief Ed Masterson
Kent Smith as District Attorney Tom Paine
Stanley Adams as Fred Hurley
Elisha Cook Jr. as Mickey Crawford
Larry Linville as Dr. Robert Makurji
Jordan Rhodes as Dr. John O'Brien
Barry Atwater as Janos Skorzeny

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