Purple Playhouse: Dracula (TV)

Canada 1973

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Purple Playhouse: Dracula (TV)
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Directed by Jack Nixon-Browne

In this made-for-television movie, the third attempt to bring Dracula to the small screen, Norman Welsh donned prominent fangs, a cape, and white hair to portray the Count. This adaptation originally aired on March 25, 1973 on the CBC television series "Purple Playhouse," and was introduced by Robertson Davies.  It is remembered for including Dracula's downwards crawl along the castle wall, as well as his final staking, although not at the hands of Van Helsing! Although it looks much like a filmed stage play, it does stick pretty close to the storyline of the novel -- with a few major differences: Mina and Lucy are sisters; there is no Renfield; no mention of the Demeter or Whitby; and the ending, of course.


Norman Welsh as Dracula
Nehemiah Persoff as Dr. Van Helsing
Dan MacDonald as Jonathan Harker
Blair Brown as Mina Murray
Steven Sutherland as Jack Seward
Charlotte Blunt as Lucy Murray

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