Prato Macchiato di Rosso, Il

Italy 1973

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Directed by Riccardo Ghione

A group of aristocrats pick up prostitutes, hippies and other wanderers off the streets and take them back to their plush mansion. Here they're are wined, dined, and treated like gold until they are strapped onto a huge blood-draining machine

a.k.a. The Bloodstained Lawn / Vampira 2000 / Vampire 2000

Claudio Biava as Alfiero, Nina's brother
Dominique Boschero as A prostitute
Daniela Caroli as Max's companion
Nino Castelnuovo as A UNESCO agent
Lucio Dalla as A tramp
Marina Malfatti as Nina Genovese
Barbara Marzano as A gypsy
Enzo Tarascio as Dr. Antonio Genovese
George Willing as Max

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