Invasión de los Muertos, La

Mexico 1973

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The Invasion of the Dead
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Directed by René Cardona

Professor Bruno Volpi spots some strange paintings on a cliff. He sends for Professor Zovek to help him discover its meaning. Zovek uses his powers to figure the writings are a warning that a cosmic tragedy is going to happen. Their fears prove to be true when a fire ball falls from the skies causing the ressurrection of the dead as zombies, craving for human flesh

a.k.a. The Invasion of the Dead

Armando Acosta as Police official
Guillermo Ayala
René Barrera as Man who found headless body
Eduardo Bonada
Carlos Cardán as Rancher
Alejandro Cruz as Himself (as Blue Demon)
Francisco Fernández
Gonzalo García
Christa Linder as Erika
Ramón Menéndez as Helicopter pilot
Jorge Mistral
Polo Ortín as Blue Demon's assistant
Roberto Y. Palacios as Cemetary watchman
Angel Paniaga
Raúl Ramírez as Professor Bruno Volpi
Gerardo Zepeda as Wolfman
Zovek as Himself

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