Orgía Nocturna de los Vampiros, La

Spain 1973

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Grave Desires / Orgy of the Vampires / Vampires' Night Orgy
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Directed by León Klimovsky

A busload of tourists stops in to visit a small European town. What they don't know is that the town is completely inhabited by vampires

a.k.a. Grave Desires / Orgy of the Vampires / Vampires' Night Orgy

Jack Taylor as Luis
Dyanik Zurakowska as Alma (as Dianik Zurakowska)
José Guardiola as Boris, the Major
Charo Soriano as Raquel
Helga Liné as The Countess
Manuel de Blas as Marcos
David Aller as Cesar
Luis Ciges as Godo
Gaspar 'Indio' González as Ernesto (as Indio González)
Antonio Páramo as Bujoli police official
Fernando Bilbao as The Giant
Alfonso de la Vega as Lame blacksmith
Rafael Albaicín as Knife grinder
L. Villena as Bus driver
María Vidal as Maid

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