Leptirica (TV)

Yugoslavia 1973

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The She-Butterfly / Butterfly / Лептирица
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Directed by Djordje Kadijevic

Based on the short story "After Ninety Years" by Milovan Glisic. A young man (Strahinja) is in love with a local beauty (Radojka), but their relationship is forbidden by her father, who believes his daughter shouldn't be betrothed to a man so poor. Strahinja decides to leave the village, but needs to make money for the trip. He agrees to temporarily work in the local mill, where -- unknown to him -- several men have been killed after staying overnight.  The town council believes that a man who died over a century ago, Sava Savanovic, is a vampire, and responsible for these deaths at the mill.  

Strahinja, after surviving an attack at the mill, is determined to marry Radojka, and now has the support of the town council behind him. The group goes to the young woman's farm and steals her away so the couple can get married.  But on the night before they are to wed, there is a surprise in store for the young couple. Original air date: April 15, 1973.

a.k.a. The She-Butterfly / Butterfly / Лептирица

Mirjana Nikolic as Radojka
Petar Božovic as Strahinja
Slobodan Petrovic as Živan
Vasja Stankovic as Kmet
Aleksandar Stojkovic as a peasant
Tanasaije Uzunovic as the priest
Ivan Ðurdevic as a peasant
Branko Petkovic as a peasant
Toma Kuzunovic as Vule

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