Sanguisuga Sonduce la Danza, La

Italy 1975

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Il Marchio di Satana / The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance / The Mark of Satan / The Passion of Evelyn
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Directed by Alfredo Rizzo

A suave count in love with a showgirl invites her entire company to his secluded island castle. Legend has it that his father and his grandfather decapitated their wives then leaped to their deaths from a castle tower, and history seems to be repeating itself when the girls in the party start losing their heads

a.k.a. Il Marchio di Satana / The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance / The Mark of Satan / The Passion of Evelyn

Femi Benussi as Sybil
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart as Count Richard Marnack
Krista Nell as Cora
Patrizia Webley as Evelyn (as Patrizia De Rossi)
Luciano Pigozzi as Gregory
Mario De Rosa as Jeffrey, the butler
Barbara Marzano as Mary, the maid
Marzia Damon as Rosalind (as Caterina Chiani)
Lidia Olizzi as Penny
Susette Nadalutti
Pier Paola Succi
Leo Valeriano as Samuel

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