Incredible Torture Show, The

USA 1976

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Blood Sucking Freaks
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Directed by Joel M. Reed

A theater director and his assistant (ralphus) torture naked women on stage. The audience thinks it's great special effects, but little do they know that it's all real! This sadomasochistic director has plans for these girls that he kidnaps other than using them for his performances. He fulfills his sick fantasies with them

a.k.a. Blood Sucking Freaks

Seamus O'Brien as Master Sardu
Viju Krem as Natasha D'Natalie
Niles McMaster as Tom Maverick
Dan Fauci as Sergeant John Tucci
Alphonso DeNoble as Creasy Silo (as Alphonso)
Ernie Pysher as The Doctor
Luis De Jesus as Ralphus
Helen Thompson as Master's Assistant
Saiyanidi as Master's Assistant
Carol Mara
Linda Small
Illa Howe
Lynette Sheldon
Janis Beaver
Karen Fraser

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