Li San Jiao Wei Zhen Di Yu Men

Hong Kong 1977

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Deadly Hands of Kung Fu / The Dragon Lives Again / Lee Saam Geuk Wai Jan Dei Yuk Moon
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Directed by Kei Law

One of many Bruceploitation films that were made to cash in on Bruce Lee after his death. Bruce Lee (Leung) is in hell, where he becomes the enemy of a group of famous characters (James Bond, Zatoichi, Dracula, The Exorcist, The Godfather, Emmanuelle) who want to overthrow the emperor of the underworld. Along the way, he befriends the One-Armed Swordsman and...Popeye the Sailor!

a.k.a. Deadly Hands of Kung Fu / The Dragon Lives Again / Lee Saam Geuk Wai Jan Dei Yuk Moon

Siu-Lung Leung as Bruce Lee (as Bruce Leong)
Alexander Grand as James Bond
Kwok Choi Hon
Jenny as Emmanuelle
Yat Lung San
Ching Tan
Eric Tsang as Popeye

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