Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas

Mexico 1978

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Alucarda / Innocents from Hell / Mark of the Devil 3 / Sisters of Satan / Pieklo
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Directed by Juan López Moctezuma

A young girl's arrival at a convent after the death of her parents marks the beginning of a series of events that unleash an evil presence on the girl and her mysterious new friend, an enigmatic figure known as Alucarda. Demonic possession, Satan worship, and vampirism follows.

a.k.a. Alucarda / Innocents from Hell / Mark of the Devil 3 / Sisters of Satan / Pieklo

Claudio Brook as Dr. Oszek / Hunchbacked Gypsy
David Silva as Father Lázaro
Tina Romero as Alucarda / Alucarda's Mother
Susana Kamini as Justine
Lili Garza as Daniela Oszek (as Lily Garza)
Tina French as Sister Angélica
Birgitta Segerskog as Mother Superior
Adriana Roel as Sister Germana

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