Banquete das Taras

Brazil 1982

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Banquete das Taras
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Directed by Carlos Alberto Almeida

Gregor Nastase, just arrived from Transylvania, comes to Nova Friburgo, Brazil, to meet Vladmir Vladislav, a young sculptor who is Count Dracula's direct descendant. He tells him he must capture four women for a sacrifice, according to his uncle's wishes. At first, the sculptor doesn't pay him much attention, but changes his mind when Gregor materializes the Count on an oil painting

a.k.a. Banquete das Taras

Aladir Araújo
Cidéia Barbosa
Jotta Barroso as Gregor Nastase
Kelly Berg
Bianca Blonde
Sônia Bruna
Eva Canto
Newton Couto
Elisabeth Fairbanks
Ed Heath (as Edson Heath)
Maurício Herdy
Cristina Keller
Sérgio Madureira as Vladmir Vladislav
Roberto Marconi
Cláudia Marly
Paulo Neves
Leda Prado
Jorge Queiroz
Ademir Ribeiro
Youssef Salim
Newton Souto
João Carlos Teixeira
Edmundo Telles

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