Blood Suckers from Outer Space

USA 1984

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Suceurs de Sang
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Directed by Glen Coburn

a.k.a. Suceurs de Sang

Robert Bradeen as Uncle Joe
Big John Brigham as Norman
Glen Coburn as Ralph Rhodes
Franny Coppenbarger as Dead Woman
Christine Crowe as President's Playmate
Joyce Dixon as Seductive Bloodsucker
Laura Ellis as Julie
Dan Gallion as The Farmer
Rick Garlington as Major Hood
Christopher Heldman as Sam (as Chris Heldman)
Billie Keller as Aunt Kate
Paul LaRocque as Driver
Dennis Letts as General Sanders
Thom Meyers as Jeff Rhodes (as Thom Meyer)
Kris Nicolau-Sharpley as Jeri Jett
Julie P. Oliver-Touchstone as Screamer
Pat Paulsen as U.S. President
Darrell Shelton as Guard
Jim Stafford as Buford
Richard Wainscott as Richard
Samantha Walker as Pam
John Webb as Dr. Pace
Jack Wilkinson as Coroner

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