Geung si sin Sang

Hong Kong 1985

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Mr. Vampire / Jiang Shi Xian Sheng / Mr. Stiff Corpse
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Directed by Ricky Lau

During a reburial, the local priest notices that the corpse has not decomposed and has the blue fingernails typical of a vampire. Before he can destroy the vampire, it escapes. Now he must deal with the menace, aided only by his two bumbling assistants, one of whom is soon infected by the vampire's poison while the other is enjoying the embrace of a life-eating she-ghost.

a.k.a. Mr. Vampire / Jiang Shi Xian Sheng / Mr. Stiff Corpse

Ching-Ying Lam as Master Gau
Siu-hou Chin as Chou
Ricky Hui as Man Choi
Moon Lee as Ting-Ting (as Choi-fung Li)
Billy Lau as Wai
Pauline Wong as Jade (as Siu-fung Wong)
Anthony Chan as Taoist Priest
Wah Yuen as Vampire
Ma Wu as Rice Seller
Chau Sang Lau as Policeman

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