It's Alive III: Island of the Alive

USA 1987

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It's Alive 3 / Island of the Alive / Det Lever Annu
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Directed by Larry Cohen

The mutant babies have been placed by court order on a deserted island. Appalled by the cycnicism and exploitation of the children by the legal system and the media, the man responsible for them leads an expedition to the island to free them. Probably the best film ever made about bad stop motion mutant babies living on an island

a.k.a. It's Alive 3 / Island of the Alive / Det Lever Annu

Michael Moriarty as Stephen Jarvis
Karen Black as Ellen Jarvis
Laurene Landon as Sally
James Dixon as Lt. Perkins
Gerrit Graham as Ralston
Macdonald Carey as Judge Milton Watson
Neal Israel as Dr. Brewster
Art Lund as Dr. Swenson
Ann Dane as Dr. Morrell
William Watson as Cabot
C.L. Sussex as Hunter
Patch Mackenzie as Robbins
Rick Garia as Tony
Carlos Palomino as First Cuban
Tony Abatemarco as Second Cuban

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