Understudy: Graveyard Shift II, The

Canada 1988

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Graveyard Shift II
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Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti

The macho Italian vampire Baisez appears on the set of a low-budget film about vampirism and billiards and seduces the cast and crew

a.k.a. Graveyard Shift II

Wendy Gazelle as Camilla/Patti
Mark Soper as Matthew
Michael A. Miranda as Baisez (as Silvio Oliviero)
Ilse von Glatz as Ash
Tim Kelleher as Duke/Larry
Lesley Kelly as Martina (as Leslie Kelly)
Paul Amato as Alan
Carl Alacchi as Ramon/Apache
Vince Carr as Cinematographer
John Conway as Soundman
John Copping as Asst. Cameraman
Andy Tcherevatty as Boom Man
Scott Spidell as Gaffer
Dean McDermott as Best Boy
Mike Tovey as Key Grip

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