Nick Knight (TV)

USA 1989

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Midnight Cop
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Directed by Farhad Mann

Detective Nick Knight is investigating a series of murders in which the bodies are found drained of blood - but the most recent one doesn't fit the pattern. Instead it involves the cure that Nick has been searching for for decades, so that he himself can face the light of day. Later remade as the first two episodes of the Forever Knight TV series

a.k.a. Midnight Cop

Rick Springfield as Nick Knight/Jean-Pierre
Allison Barron as Girl swimmer
Al Berry as Desk Sergeant
David Byrd as Guard #2
Andree Chapman as Uniformed Policewoman
David Correia as Mechanic
Richard Fancy as Capt. Brunetti
Al Fann as Dedrick
Robert Harper as Dr. Jack Brittington
Rosanna Huffman as Reporter #1
Rif Hutton as Reporter #2
Laura Johnson as Alyce Hunter
John Kapelos as Donald Schanke
Irene Miracle as Nurse
Dennis Moynahan as Confused Orderly
Jack Murdock as Fenner
Michael Nader as Lacroix

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