Transylvania Twist

USA 1990

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Transylvania Twist
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Directed by Jim Wynorski

The nephew of a librarian must go collect a 200 year old book, The Book of Ulthar, that should have never been checked out by the Evil Count Orlock; one of the spells in it could bring about the end of the world. During his trip to the castle, he meets Marissa, a gorgeous rock star and heir to the castle's fortune. There they must confront the only other heir to the fortune and the book, Uncle Byron; and Uncle Byron and his 3 adopted nieces all have very, very, very broad smile

a.k.a. Transylvania Twist

Robert Vaughn as Lord Byron Orlock
Teri Copley as Marissa Orlock
Steve Altman as Dexter Ward
Ace Mask as Victor Von Helsing
Angus Scrimm as Stefen
Steve Franken as Hans Hoff
Vinette Cecelia as Laverne
Monique Gabrielle as Patty (Patricia)
Howard Morris as Marinas Orlock
Jay Robinson as Uncle Ephram
Lenny Juliano as Maxie Fields
Joe Lerer as Hans Downe
Clement von Franckenstein as Hans Hoff
R.J. Robertson as Hans Phull
Arthur Roberts as Hans N. Fritz

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