My Grandfather Is a Vampire

New Zealand 1991

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Moonrise / Grampire / My Grandpa Is a Vampire / Mein Grossvater ist ein Vampir
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Directed by David Blyth

Sent on a trip from California to New Zealand to visit with his eccentric grandfather, Lonny discovers that his grandpa is a vampire

a.k.a. Moonrise / Grampire / My Grandpa Is a Vampire / Mein Grossvater ist ein Vampir

Al Lewis as Vernon Cooger
Justin Gocke as Lonny
Milan Borich as Kanziora
Pat Evison as Leah
Noel Appleby as Ernie
David Weatherley as Sgt Dicky Ticker
Sean Duffy as Derek
Sylvia Rands as Cheryl
Phoebe Falconer as Tammy
Chris McNair as Ben
Ian Watkin as Father Vincent
Beryl Te Wiata as District Nurse
Alistair Douglas as Ghost Train Owner
Max Cryer as Compere
Louise Perry as Serena

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