Lost Platoon, The

USA 1991

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Pelotao Vampiro
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Directed by David A. Prior

An American reporter, a veteran of WWII, is covering the civil war in Nicaragua. He comes across four soldiers who he discovers are also WWII vets, however, he notices that they don't appear to be anywhere near as old as he is

a.k.a. Pelotao Vampiro

David Parry as Jonathan Hancock
William Knight as Hollander
Stephen Quadros as Walker
Michael Wayne as Hayden
Sean Heyman as Keeler
Lewis Alfred Pipes as Col. Crawford (as Lew Pipes)
Roger Bayless as Vladimir
Michi McGee as Tara (as Michiko)
Jack Forcinito as Riley (as Jack Vogel)
Paul Bruno as Rebel
Walt Woodson as Soldier #1 (as Walt S. Woodson)
Sean Holton as Soldier #2
Genie Lindsey as Spanish woman
Mark Andrew Shelse as Young Hollander
Tim Lutz as Private

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