Waxwork II: Lost in Time

USA 1992

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Lost in Time / Space Shift: Waxwork II
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Directed by Anthony Hickox

Mark and Sarah survived the mayhem from the first movie only to have Sarah on trial for a murder committed by a dismembered hand. To find the proof that will clear her, the pair travel through time and space to dimensions full of historical, movie, and book characters. However, Mark's involvement in these other worlds may not be an accident

a.k.a. Lost in Time / Space Shift: Waxwork II

Zach Galligan as Mark Loftmore
Monika Schnarre as Sarah Brightman
Martin Kemp as Baron Von Frankenstein
Bruce Campbell as John Loftmore
Michael Des Barres as George
Jim Metzler as Roger
Sophie Ward as Elenore
Marina Sirtis as Gloria
Billy Kane as Nigel
Joe Baker as The Peasant
Juliet Mills as The Defense Lawyer
John Ireland as King Arthur
Patrick Macnee as Sir Wilfred
David Carradine as The Beggar
Alexander Godunov as Scarabis

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