Akumulátor 1

Czech Republic 1994

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Accumulator 1 / Akkumulaattori 1 / Akumulator 1
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Directed by Jan Sverák

The basic premise of this movie is that once your image is recorded and played back on television, it becomes a living duplicate of you that now exists in a parallel TV universe. A man gets interviewed on live TV; he's then duplicated in the TV universe -- and now this duplicate needs energy to live. Every time the man watches television, he loses energy. Across the country, televisions begin to drain people's energy, and they end up dying in front of their TV sets. To survive, he must take a universal remote control wherever he goes, in order to switch off any televisions around him.

a.k.a. Accumulator 1 / Akkumulaattori 1 / Akumulator 1

Petr Forman as Olda Soukup
Edita Brychta as Anna
Zdenek Sverák as Fisarek: a natural healer
Bolek Polívka as Slezák
Ladislav Smoljak as Caretaker

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