Subspecies 3: Bloodlust

USA 1994

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Bloodlust: Subspecies III / Subspecies 3: Bloodlust
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Directed by Ted Nicolaou

Still in the thrall of the evil vampire Radu, Michelle yearns to be taught the skills of the vampire. Meanwhile, her sister Becky tries to free her from his evil clutches, and this time, she's brought some help

a.k.a. Bloodlust: Subspecies III / Subspecies 3: Bloodlust

Anders Hove as Radu
Denice Duff as Michelle
Kevin Spirtas as Mel (as Kevin Blair)
Melanie Shatner as Rebecca
Pamela Gordon as Mummy
Ion Haiduc as Lieutenant Marin
Michael Dellafemina as Bob
Michael Denish as Popescu
Nicolae Urs as Policeman
Radu Minculescu as Policeman
Elvira Deatcu as Woman Victim
Camelia Zorlescu as Popescu's Secretary
Theodor Danetti as Innkeeper
Florin Ionescu as Violin Boy
Rodica Horobet as Woman in Car

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