X-Files: 3 (TV)

USA 1994

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X-Files: 3 (TV)
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Directed by David Nutter

Season 2, episode 7 (first aired November 4, 1994). Truly alone for the first time, Mulder throws himself into his work, and into the bizarre world of vampire-fetishist in search of a trio of serial killers. But Mulder finds himself falling for the one woman that may be the prime suspect.
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully (credit only)
Roger Allford as Garrett Lorre
Frank Ferrucci as Inspector Nettles
Ken Kramer as Dr. Browning
Tom McBeath as Detective Gwynn
Frank Military as The Son / John
Gustavo Moreno as The Father
Perrey Reeves as Kristen Kilar
Malcolm Stewart as Commander Carver
John Tierney as Dr. Jacobs
Justina Vail as The Unholy Spirit

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