Vampire in Brooklyn

USA 1995

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Wes Craven's Vampire In Brooklyn
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Directed by Wes Craven

Maximillian is the only survivor from a race of vampires on a Caribbean Island, and as a vampire, he must find a mate to keep the line from ending. He knows that a child had been born to a woman who had a vampire father, and he searches for her in Brooklyn

a.k.a. Wes Craven's Vampire In Brooklyn

Eddie Murphy as Maximillian/Preacher Pauly/Guido
Angela Bassett as Det. Rita Veder
Allen Payne as Detective Justice
Kadeem Hardison as Julius Jones
John Witherspoon as Silas Green
Zakes Mokae as Dr. Zeko
Joanna Cassidy as Capt. Dewey
Simbi Khali as Nikki, Rita's Roomate
Messiri Freeman as Eva, Julius' Girl
Kelly Cinnante as Policewoman Photographer
Jsu Garcia as Anthony (as Nick Corri)
W. Earl Brown as Thrasher
Ayo Adeyemi as Bartender
Troy Curvey Jr. as Choir Leader
Vickilyn Reynolds as Mrs. Brown

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As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia
A million fancies strike you when you hear the name: Nosferatu!N O S F E R A T Udoes not die!What do you expect of the first showing of this great work?Aren't you afraid? - Men must die. But legend has it that a vampire, Nosferatu, 'der Untote' (the Undead), lives on men's blood! You want to see a symphony of horror? You may expect more. Be careful. Nosferatu is not just fun, not something to be taken lightly. Once more: beware.- Publicity for Nosferatu in the German magazine Buhne und Film, 1922  

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