Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf

USA 1996

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Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf
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Directed by Conrad Brooks

A beautiful young woman traps unsuspecting men into being her slaves. In order to keep her young, beautiful and alive the men must supply her a diet of fresh blood. Ed Wood supporting player Conrad Brooks directs and stars in this travesty shot on video, apparently only using the mic on the video camera itself. Don't bother, unless you want to see what little quality it takes to get a movie released onto DVD.


Conrad Brooks as Monk
Jennifer Knight as Selena
Michael Hooker as Inspector Jack Barone
Annette Perez as Diana
Don Miller as Antonio
J.J. Cagney as Rob
James Chean as Antonio's Neighbor
Peacha as Lolita
Penny McQuiggan as Connie
Megan Evans as Salsa
Ron Aaron Weber as Bruce
Edward Crane as Mark

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