Red-Blooded American Girl 2

USA 1997

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Hot Blooded / Hit & Run / Red Blooded II / Red-Blooded American Girl II
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Directed by David Blyth

College boy Trent is returning home for the holidays when he crosses the path of bad-girl Miya at a truck stop. When he agrees to give her a ride, he becomes part and parcel to all her twisted desires. Not a sequel to Red Blooded American Girl even though it shares the same name and the same director... but has no vamps.

a.k.a. Hot Blooded / Hit & Run / Red Blooded II / Red-Blooded American Girl II

David Keith as Mr. Colbert
Art MacDonald as Buster
Elaine Martyn as Mrs. Colbert
Nicholas Pasco as Trooper Vukelich
Joanne Takahashi as Vinnie
Philip Riccio as Jimmy
Roland Rothchild as Trooper Whitman
Kari Wuhrer as Miya (as Kari Salin)
Clinton Walker as Pez
Kristoffer Ryan Winters as Trent
Burt Young as Roy

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