Ngo Wo Geun See Yau Gor Yue Wui (TV)

Hong Kong 1998

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My Date with a Vampire I
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The title refers to a succession of four Cantonese television series started in 1998 produced by Asia Television Ltd. in Hong Kong. The programme features as the main characters a freedom fighter-turned-vampire in WWII against Japan, his adopted son/brother, three incarnations of a Japanese Lieutenant, all of whom were bitten by the vampire king Cheung Sun in 1938

a.k.a. My Date with a Vampire I

Alice Chan as Miusin
Kenneth Chan as Kazuo Yamamoto
Pinky Cheung as Mirai Yamamoto
Philip Keung as Ko Bo
Shek Yin Lau as Buddha
Yau-wai Lui as Auyueng Kaka
Yee-Man Man as Ma Siu-ling/Ma Dana
Ting Yip Ng as Ken
Chapman To as Kum Chen-chong
Tin-chiu Wan as Fong Tin-yau
Shu Tong Wong as Ho ying-kau
Kristy Yang as Wong Cheng-cheng/Yuki Yamamoto

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