Razor Blade Smile

UK 1998

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Razor Blade Smile
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Directed by Jake West

A 19th century woman, who has become one of the undead, acts as a hired killer in modern times. When she starts knocking off part of the elite businessmen, The Illuminati, who secretly are taking over business and the government, she becomes the target of a hired Scotland Yard detective.
Eileen Daly as Lilith Silver
Christopher Adamson as Sethane Blake
Jonathan Coote as Detective Inspector Price
Kevin Howarth as Platinum
David Warbeck as The Horror Movie Man
Heidi James as Ariauna
Isabel Brook as Silk
Louisa Moore as Celeste
Grahame Wood as Student Photographer
Jennifer Guy as Cindy Arnold
Georgio Serafini as Leonard Arnold
Mark Caven as The Detective
Bradley Lavelle as The Chill Pilgrim (as Brad Lavelle)
Peter Godwin as Illuminati Conspirator
Scott Bennett as Guard 1 - Max

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