Wisdom of Crocodiles, The

UK 1998

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Directed by Po-Chih Leong

Vampire in London is searching for the ideal woman to 'redeem' him. Steven is multi-talented, handsome, and a expert seducer of women. He craves intimacy with women, literally cannot live without it, and is in search of the perfect woman. All of his relationships, however, end tragically. Eventually, he meets Anne, a strong woman who is different, better than the others. However, soon it becomes clear that this is a relationship that only one of them will survive. The title refers to a quote from Francis Bacon, who wrote about crocodiles, who shed tears when they devour their prey.

a.k.a. Immortality

Jude Law as Steven Grlscz
Elina Löwensohn as Anne Labels
Timothy Spall as Inspector Healey
Jack Davenport as Sergeant Roche
Colin Salmon as Martin
Hitler Wong as Noodles Chan
Kerry Fox as Maria Vaughan
Stuart Bowman as Car Crash Mechanic
C.J. December as Car Crash Mechanic
Anastasia Hille as Karen
Nicholas Lamont as Toll Bridge Attendant (as Nick Lamont)
Joseph O'Conor as Mr. Nancarrow
Ashley Artus as Gang Leader
Tom Wu as Gang Member
Hon Ping Tang as Gang Member
Antony Cotton as Gang Member
Richard Mylan as Gang Member
Carlton Headley as Gang Member
Neran Persaud as Gang Member
Julia Davies as Girl in Operating Theatre
Rupert Farley as Priest
Diane Howse as Mrs. Healey

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