Sergio Lapel's Drawing Blood

USA 1999

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Drawing Blood
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Directed by Sergio Lapel

The beginning of this film is amazing. The first scenes create the impression that this will be the best and most original vampire movie since Near Dark. Unfortunately, the film quickly loses all of its steam as soon as the vampire's slave decides he's had enough and is going to quit

a.k.a. Drawing Blood

Amie Childers as Homeless victim
Dawn Spinella as Diana
Kirk Wilson as Edmond
Leo Otero as Conner
Eric Smith as Dee
Ray Hargis as Well-dressed loiterer
Parker Webb as Street denizen
Nicole Heffernan as Street denizen
Chris Ackerknecht as Street busker
Linda Catoe as Hitchhiker
Charlotte Hackman as Edmond's mother
César Contreras as Homeless guy
Chris Gebert as Male hustler
Robert Schaff as Distraught father #1
Ray Bednarksi as Distraught father #2

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