Morsures de l'aube, Les

France 2001

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Love Bites
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Directed by Antoine de Caunes

Antonio makes his living off others, sleeping at his friend's health club, borrowing money, and crashing parties. But he finds himself working overtime when a wealthy club owner, Von Bulow hires him to track down the elusive Jordan, who is thought to be a real Vampire. All Antonio knows is that Jordan lives by the night, but he soon finds that information about Jordan doesn't come without a price, and the company he keeps can bleed him to death

a.k.a. Love Bites

Guillaume Canet as Antoine
Asia Argento as Violaine Charlier
Gérard Lanvin as Étienne
Gilbert Melki as Dogman
José Garcia as Caniveau
Vincent Perez as Young actor
Jean-Marie Winling as Abraham von Bulow
Orazio Massaro as Jordan Charlier
Frédéric Pellegeay as Gérard
James Arch as Raoul
Corinne Debonnière as Dogman's wife
Saïd Amadis as Owner of the 'Custom Bar'
Francis Leplay as Photographer
Zazie Delem as Christelle
Emile Abossolo M'bo as Baptiste

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