Polish Vampire: Behind the Fangs (Doc)

USA 2001

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Directed by Mark Pirro

Polish Vampire: Behind the Fangs is a fun extra from the Polish Vampire in Burbank DVD. It is the story behind the revolutionary little showcase film that would be the first backyard movie to make it to the home video market and achieve cult status. Mark Pirro and others explain how Eddie Deezen quit after shooting had begun and the film was shelved until Mark Pirro decided to take on the lead role for himself

a.k.a. Polish Vampire: Behind the Fangs

Forrest J Ackerman as Narrator
Glenn Campbell as Himself
Tyrone Dubose as Himself
Marya Gant as Herself
Katina Garner as Herself
Bruce Heinsius as Himself
Pat Hunter as Himself
John McCafferty as Himself
Alfie Pearl as Himself
Mark Pirro as Himself
Mike Polydoros as Himself
Lori Sutton as Herself

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