Sangre Eterna

Chile 2002

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Eternal Blood
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Directed by Jorge Olguín

Carmilla, A journalism student, meets a group of kids that play a role-playing game called Eternal Blood. She gets interested in this hobby by M, a young man she met in a philosophy seminar. M gets Carmilla into the game; but during a strange party at an abandoned house, the group meet Dahmer, an unusual young man who makes rituals about vampirism and shortly he begins influencing his friends. M realizes the situation is unusual and that some of them are actually being transformed into vampires

a.k.a. Eternal Blood

Juan Pablo Ogalde as M
Blanca Lewin as Carmila
Patricia López as Elizabeth
Carlos Borquez as Dahmer
Claudio Espinoza as Martín
Yerko Farías as Chupacabras
Ximena Huilipan as Vampira
Pascale Litvak as Pancha
Jorge Denegri as Profesor Romero
Willy Semler as Padre 'M'
Consuelo Holzapfel as Carmilla's Mother
Javiera Contador as TV Hostess

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