Blood Pact, The: The Making of 'Blade II' (Doc)

USA 2002

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Blood Pact, The: The Making of 'Blade II' (Doc)
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Documentary about the making of the Wesley Snipes action-thriller, Blade II


Marco Beltrami as Himself
Gabriel Beristain as Himself
Mark Boley as Himself
Nicholas Brooks as Himself (as Nick Brooks)
Blair Clark as Himself
Clay Donahue Fontenot as Himself (as Clay Fontenot)
Peter Frankfurt as Himself
Luke Goss as Himself
David S. Goyer as Himself (as David Goyer)
Edward Irastorza as Himself
Steve Johnson as Himself
Marit Velle Kile as Herself (extended version)
Blake Neely as Himself
Wendy Partridge as Herself
Ron Perlman as Himself
Buck Sanders as Himself
Wesley Snipes as Himself
Carol Spier as Herself
Guillermo del Toro as Himself
Leonor Varela as Herself (extended version)
Jeff Ward as Himself
Donnie Yen as Himself

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