Erotic Vampire in Paris, An

USA 2002

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The Vampire of Notre Dame
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Directed by Donald Farmer

When young, virginal Caroline (Misty Mundae) learns of her mother's death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral. Sad and alone, Caroline wanders the exotic city in search of ansers, finality, and peace of mind. But only misfortune is in stock, as Caroline is raped and robbed by a French thug. But seemingly coming to her rescue is Isabelle (Tina Krause), a mysterious and voluptuous woman who offers her food and shelter. Little does Caroline realize that this delicious Parisian beauty is a modern-day vampire looking for vunerable victims

a.k.a. The Vampire of Notre Dame

Erin Brown as Caroline (as Misty Mundae)
Tina Krause as Isabelle (as Mia Copia)
William Hellfire as Stalker (as Bill Hellfire)
Christophe Bier as The Bad Guy
Fanny Terjeki as Fanny

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