Blood Sisters

USA 2003

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Blood Sisters
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Directed by Joe Castro

When a chain of strange dissappearances occurs at sexy Tracy's college, fear immediately floods the hallways. Corpses mount at one of the school's sororities. Tracy and her gorgeous roomate, Melissa, join the mysterious sorority hoping to uncover the dark secret. After witnessing brutal slayings, they realize their only salvation lies in the defeat and damnation of the Blood Sisters!

a.k.a. Blood Sisters

Phoebe Dollar as Rose
Erica Howards as Tracy
Kerry Lui as Melissa
Brannon Gould as Kent
Deborah Huber as Eliza
Andy Manning as Student #1
Anne Marie as Brandi
Jon Prutow as Roy
Brandon Reininger as Joe (as Brandon Ellison)
Darlene Tygrett as Platinum Blonde at Party
David Veach as Jake
Lenny Wilson as Professor Frye

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