Peau Blanche, La

Canada 2004

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AKA White Skin / Cannibal
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Directed by Daniel Roby

One evening, roommates Thierry and Henri decide to hire two prostitutes. But the evening turns bad when one of them, a pretty redhead, attacks Henri in the neck with a knife. A few months later, Thierry feels strangely attracted to another red-headed young woman, a music student named Claire. They fall in love, despite Claire's wild temperament and secretive ways. When Claire is hospitalised due to an illness, Thierry meets her family. It turns out that Claire's sister is the one who attacked Henri, and the family of redheads with pale skin has even more troubling secrets...

a.k.a. White Skin / Cannibal

Marc Paquet as Thierry Richard
Marianne Farley as Claire Lefrançois
Frédéric Pierre as Henri Dieudonné
Jessica Malka as Marquise Lefrançois
Julie LeBreton as Isabel Lefrançois
Lise Roy as Diane Lefrançois
Joujou Turenne as Janvier, Marie-Pierre
Raymond Cloutier as Professeur Théorêt
Marcel Sabourin as Dr. Paul-Émile Gagnon

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