Ngo Wo Geun See Yau Gor Yue Wui 3 (TV)

Hong Kong 2004

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My Date with a Vampire III
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The story was good although it seemed impossible at first to be able to connect it with the previous two series - but it turned out fine. Xiao Ling and Tien You were to go back to earth in 2004 to save the world from being destroyed from a war caused by a couple who are now ex-lovers!

a.k.a. My Date with a Vampire III

Eric wan as Kuang Tien You/ Qien Dou
Joey Meng as Ma Xiao Ling
Alice Chan as Yaw Chee Sheng Mu
Mark Cheng as Ren Wang Fu Xee
Kenneth Chen as Wan Yen Bu Bau
Pinky Cheung as Wan Yen Wu Lei
Berg Ng as X
Teresa Mok as Mao You
Ricky Chan as Ma Xiao Hu
Benny Chan as Hu You Chiow/ Ming Yun
Liu Yi Da as Ma Ta Long
Kylie Kwok as Kuang Tien Ya
Remus Kam as Liu Xing/ Nick

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