Blood Dancers

USA 2004

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Blood Dancers
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Directed by J.R. McGarrity

When Cherokee (Elizabeth Hayden Grace), a cocktail waitress in a local topless bar, wants to become a topless dancer to make more money, she falls in with three mysterious and beautiful strippers who happen to be vampires. The queen vampire, Elyse (Aime Wolf), finds Cherokee a tasty morsel. And it becomes necessary for the other cocktail waitress, Lorna (Teresa Sciortino) and the Vick (Matt Southwell), the pizza delivery guy, to rescue Cherokee before she become a blood sucker.


Gabrielle Abitol as Gisella
Maila Damian as Vampire
Athena Demos as Destiny
Ana Gilbert as Swan
Chris Hoisington as Muldoon
Myla Marquez as Clarise
Kerry Ann Rohr as Erica
Charles Schneider as Hovik
Teresa Bianca Sciortino as Lorna
Elizabeth Hayden Smith as Cherokee
Matteo Southwell as Vick
Beverly Swanson as Frankenstripper
Shelly Varod as Anna
Aime Wolf as Elyse

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