Evil Deeds

USA 2004

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Evil Deeds...
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Directed by Bailee Arnett

After a botched attempt at robbing a bank, lone survivor Rico hides from the police in a deserted warehouse where he meets a strange hermit. The hermit tells Rico four chilling tales: 1.) An escaped mental patient, 2.) a vampire preying upon a sick girl, 3.) A young man who meets his girlfriend's sinister father, 4.) a group of friends attacked by a werewolf while spending a night in the woods

a.k.a. Evil Deeds...

Brian Ramme as The Demon/Detective Joe Simms (segments Hell Beast, Mental Patient, and Lamb To The Slaughter) (Recut version only)
Lynda Huyck as The Mental Patient/Anna (segments: The Mental Patient/Forgive Me Father)
Natalie Fortensky as Bobbi Blake (segment: Vampire At Midnight) (as Natalie Fortensky)
Casey Wolfe as Helen (segment Hell Beast/The Unholy) (Original and Recut version)
Annalisa English as Miranda Jones (segment: Vampire At Midnight)
Lydia Allen as Violet (segment The Mental Patient)
Harley Wolfe as Dan/The Hell Beast (segment Hell Beast/The Unholy) (Original and Recut version)
Matt Spease as Mike/Detective Frank Graham - segments Forgive Me Father and Lamb To The Slaughter, recut version only
James Spade as The Vampire (segment: Vampire At Midnight)
Michelle Partlow as Ilsa (segment: Forgive Me Father) (as Michelle Harris)
Charlie Spease as The Father (segment: Forgive Me Father)
Daniel Ramme as Richard (segment: Forgive Me Father)
E.H. Jenkins as Jason - segment 'The Hermit', Original version only
Isaak Partlow as Steven (segment: The Mental Patient)
Sean Sullivan as The Hermit - segment 'The Hermit', Original version only (voice)

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