Horror Seasons, The

Canada 2005

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The Horror Seasons
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Directed by Shawn Buffington

A French conductor tells 4 different stories with his music taking place each season. The first one autumn on Halloween of a traveller escaping from his past but reveals deadly encounters, the second one winter close to Christmas of an evil demon spirit killing bad people that are members at a crazy Reverend's church, the third spring on Easter Sunday of a monster from the underworld returns to right a wrong in a past life who was actually married to a woman that is seeing someone else, the fourth an final one is suimmer of a women living her life for the first time as a vampire

a.k.a. The Horror Seasons

Andrew Mondia as Reverend Burbank/Easter Beast (Segments Satan Claws/Easter Beast))
Ed Appleby as Northey (segment Satan Claws)/Audience member (prologue/epilogue)
Thomas Buchholz as Holden (Segment Satan Claws)
Katrina Hope Buffington as Baby (segment Satan Claws)
Boyd Crockett as Zombie Man/Patron (segments The Darkest Secret/Thirst for Blood)
Maria DiMartino as Jean (segment Satan Claws)
Bree Emmerson as Model (segment Easter Beast
Lexie Huber as Cut Wrist Woman/Dr. Benson (Segments The Darkest Secret/Satan Claws)
Fleur Jacobs as Mama Alice Diablo (segment The Darkest Secret)
Mic Jahn as Mark (segment Satan Claws)
Krista Kelloway as Carrie (segments Satan Claws)/Angela (segment Thirst for Blood)
Live She Cries as Band (Segment Prologue)
Lonnie McDonald as Vance
West McDonald as Mark (Segment The Darkest Secret)
Sandra Medeiros as Dianne (segment Easter Beast)
Gregory Milne as Nedward/Alley Victim (segment: Easter Beast/Thirst For Blood)
Christy Nguyen as Alicia (Segment Satan Claws)
Michael Root as LaChop (segment Prologue)
Angela SanCartier as Model (segment Easter Beast)
Greg Russell Tiderington as Gareth Freeman (Segment The Darkest Secret)/Satan Claws (Segment Satan Claws)/Owner (Segment Thirst for Blood)
Mike Todorovic as Eddie (segment Satan Claws)
Phil Trasolini as Jacques Pierre (segment Prologue)
Krystal Vrba as Maggie (Segment Thirst for Blood)
Janez Wall as Francine (segment Easter Beast)
Dean Wunsch as Richard (Segment Easter Beast)

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