After Midnight

USA 2005

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Directed by Laura Giglio

A collection of vampire shorts made by differing independent filmmakers from around the US. This is a sequel to Falcon Video's first vampire compilation entitled Around Midnight

a.k.a. After Midnight

Nancy Feliciano as Hostess/Chris (segment 'After Midnight')
Laura Giglio as Sky (segment 'I Want To Be A Vampire')
Johnny Monotone as Art (segment 'I Want To Be A Vampire')
Cruz Machine as Victim (segment 'I Want To Be A Vampire)
Andy Dragichi as Club Guy (segment 'A Moment of Darkness')
Cindy Osbourne as Dr. Janeane Melocarro (segment 'A Moment of Darkness')
Nicole Muzquiz as Head Nurse (segment 'A Moment of Darkness')
Tiffany Warren as The Vampire (segment A Moment of Darkness) (as Gina Garcia)
Rey Menchaca as Male ER Tech (segment 'A Moment of Darkness')
Matt Colunga as College Guy in Club (segment 'A Moment of Darkness')
Isabelle Stephen as The Model (segment 'The Perfect Subject')
Ann Gonzales as Female ER Tech (segment 'A Moment of Darkness')
Rick Trembles as Pervert Photographer (segment 'The Perfect Subject')
Michael Will as Killer Photographer (segment 'The Perfect Subject')
Heidi Martinuzzi as The Girl (segment 'No One Around') (as Deliah La Vey)

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