Bloodthirst 2: Revenge of the Chupacabras

USA 2005

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Bloodthirst 2: Revenge of the Chupacabras
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Directed by Jonathan Mumm

Detective Steve Andrews is investigating the disappearance of a pretty college co-ed when he gets a call that an inmate at the Hagerthy Psychiatric Hospital might know something about the case. The inmate, Charles Parker, has been telling the strange story of a vicious vampire-like beast called the Chupacabras that he claims he trapped in a nearby mine and destroyed after it had savagely killed a number of the local citizens.
Gary Agid as Father Lewis
Jeff Baur as TV Photojournalist
Christa Bella as Nurse Jones
Victor Celis as Francesco
Jennifer Crowder as Connie
Stephen Fairchild as Richards
Jason Michael Fong as Jeremy Phillips
Mark Halverson as Walt
John Alexander Jimenez as Rescuer #1
Edwin Johnson as MIchael
Hugh McChord as Dr. Randolph
Cheryl McIntire as Charlene Reynolds

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